Sea & Sky gold plated feather

A must have! This beautiful feather is carefully crafted on both sides, made out of 925 sterling silver and gold plated. It comes with an elegant gold plated chain of 40 cm length. A pure golden version of 18K can be requested. 

Seeing feathers imply a myriad of meanings: they are symbols of travel, uplifting thoughts and appreciation. Worn by Native American Chiefs they became the main symbol for communication with the spirit, to express celestial wisdom and also symbolize fertility to some tribes. Further to this point, there is an unofficial modern idea that finding feathers on our path is a sign from heaven, a message from a loved one or a connection from the other side of life. 

There is no doubt, that feathers have been released from birds in heaven to put a smile on you face! Why not make it eternal by wearing feather jewellery? There is no better present for a dear friend or loved one.  

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