Pittosporum silver studs

They look like nice flowerlike earrings, but they have a far deeper meaning: These 925 sterling silver studs are created out of a precious Pittosporum fruit, a fascinating example for metamorphosis. The fruit changes textures and forms in many different ways: It opens up like a bell, converts into an 8, a symbol of never ending life or transforms into a three leafed flower. Colorful red but sticky seeds sit on the inner side of the fruit. A great inspiration for another luxury seed line for Winery of Arts! You have to take a deeper look: The pretty fruit is mostly hidden in the deep green of a hedge. 

Pittosporum is an evergreen shrubs or tree, mainly from Australia and New Zealand and commonly known as Australian laurel or, more ambiguously,"cheesewoods". The fruit is a woody seed capsule, which bursts on ripening to release numerous red seeds which are coated with a sticky resinous substance. The genus is named after their sticky seeds, from the Greek meaning "pitch-seed". 

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